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Preventive & Children's Dentistry


There is an old saying:  “Prevention is better than cure.”  This is especially relevant  in our oral health.

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Your children's teeth may require fissure sealants, extra fluoride or a mouthguard to protect them.

Fissure sealants are used to minimize decay especially on our back molars.  This may be required even if you have excellent hygiene.

Fluoride is a natural element, present in Melbourne’s drinking supplies.  It has been categorically shown that in places where there is no fluoride such as Geelong or in Queensland, kids have greater incidence of decay.  Extra fluoride may be required, depending on your circumstances.

If you are active in sport, it is also an excellent idea to have a professionally fittedmouthguard.  Many sports are considered as ‘non-contact’ but there is bound to be contact when everyone’s going for the ball.  Prevention is better than a knocked-out front tooth!  Protect your teeth and smile with a mouthguard today.

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